Pastor's Column

November 2020

Nov 15

November 15, 2020

In this fourth and last column on Pope Francis’ encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, I respond to two questions. First, why did he write this? Second, what is his essential message? Some time ago, I watched a movie called, “A Moment to Remember”. The movie is about a man who falls in love with a woman, who turns out to have dementia....
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Nov 8

November 8, 2020

As I made my way through chapters five (On better kinds of politics) and six (Dialogue and Friendship in Society) of Fratelli Tutti, it brought me back memories of traveling to the Dominican Republic for an immersion experience. One of the unforgettable memories from my time at the DR was their hyper-friendly mosquitos, who showed impeccable...
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Nov 1

November 1, 2020

In the first column, I offered for us to imagine Pope Francis’ encyclical as a giant mirror for our world, “to see” and “to examine” itself, in light of the “true image” that the mirror was reflecting. I pointed out that, as we find it in our own experience, the task of seeing the “true...
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