November 5, 2017

As we begin the month of November, our thoughts often turn to gratitude. Last Wednesday we celebrated All Saints Day in which we give thanks for the multitude of saints throughout time. We give thanks for the ones whose name we know, and those countless people who now enjoy the presence of God in heaven. On Thursday of last week, we remembered all those who have gone before us, and who are on their way to heaven. We believe our thanks for them, and our prayers for them, assist them on their way to the fullness of new life with God. And, of course, in a few weeks we will gather with family and friends to give thanks to God for this land that is our country.

Gratitude is really our fundamental stance before God.That is what turns us each November toward these concrete acts of thanksgiving. As human beings, once we call to mind our blessings, our instinct is to turn and give thanks. And for people of faith, that turn is a turn toward God. We believe that God is the source of all our blessings - all that we have and are.

God has given us the time we have in this life and hope to enjoy with him in eternity. This is God’s first and most important gift to us. God has also blessed each of us with particular gifts and talents. It is through these that we both enjoy and make an impact on our world. Along with time and talent, God has also given us the financial resources that we need to make our way in the world.

These gifts of time, talent, and treasure have been given to us by a generous and loving God. These gifts invite a stance of gratitude as well as a commitment to use the gifts well and to make a return to the Lord with increase. We are called to be good stewards of that fundamental gift of time - to use well the time God has given us in this life. We are called not to “waste time,” but to relish it from our first breath to our last. We are also called to be good stewards of the talents God has given us. We have all been uniquely blessed with talents that are particular to us, and we are called to be good stewards of these God-given gifts and to develop them so that we might reflect the rich diversity of God’s blessings on human beings.

One of the ways we give thanks to the Lord is giving back to him a portion of our blessings. In time, we give that back to God in prayer. In talent, we make a return to the Lord through volunteering our gifts.

This time of the year in parish life, we are called upon to make a return to the Lord in thanks by a financial gift to the parish. This gift not only reflects our gratitude, but also makes possible the many ministries of our parish.  All that we do as a community of faith is made possible by the thoughtful financial gifts of parishioners.

As your pastor, I turn to you this month and say thank you for your generous return to the Lord over the years. I ask you to once again prayerfully consider a financial pledge to the parish that will allow us to continue our mission to preach the Word of God, to form children and adults in that Word, and to reach out to those in need in response to that Word.

May God continue to bless us abundantly, and may we continue to nurture generous hearts for those abundant blessings.

Fr. Gary Lazzeroni