Emergency Closure Policy

School/Parish Campus Closure and Late Start Policy
The following is a clarification of our closure policies due to inclement weather:

Emergency Closing
When inclement weather or another emergency makes it necessary to close or delay the opening of the School and Parish Campus, information may be obtained by listening/watching local television and radio stations.  Typically, we follow the Vancouver School District’s lead, but occasionally we have to use local judgment when deciding to close the School and Parish Campus.  Any deviation from the Vancouver School District will be announced on local stations and on the parish and school web sites.  Be sure to watch the scrolling banner at the bottom of the television screen for St. Joseph School/Parish (SW Washington).  The parish website, www.stjoevan.org, and the main telephone number for the Parish Office will also have a message with up-to-date information (360-696-4407).
Because the safety of the students, staff and parishioners is paramount, when the decision to close the School is made, all Parish and School activities are also canceled
A few examples are:  no weekday morning Mass, CYO basketball games/practices, choir rehearsal, Golden Fellowship card games, Faith Formation classes, RCIA, etc.  We would rather make up snow days or reschedule meetings, classes or events than risk the chance of injury trying to get to School and Parish Campus.
The rule of thumb for the Saturday Vigil Mass and Sunday Masses is, no matter the weather, Mass will be celebrated.  If you cannot safely make it to Mass, the obligation is dispensed.  You are expected to use your own judgment as to whether you can safely get to church.
For Morning Extended Care, if school is canceled or starts late, Morning Extended Care is also canceled.  The safety of everyone is of utmost importance to us all.

  • If School is delayed:  all after School and Parish evening activities occur as scheduled.  Morning daily Mass is also canceled since it would fall within the two-hour delay window. 
  • If School is canceled, all School and Parish activities are canceled, including daily Mass.
  • Regardless of the weather, weekend Masses will be celebrated, but if you cannot get here safely, the obligation is dispensed.