Infant Baptism

Baptism is a joyous occasion not only for a family but for the church community as well. We, at
St. Joseph, are thrilled to be a part of your family’s preparation and celebration.

Baptism for infants (birth to seven years) does involve preparation. At our parish, the preparation begins with a meeting involving at least one parent with the pastoral assistant responsible for baptism.  At the meeting families will receive all of the required forms necessary for baptism and a schedule for baptism classes.

Parents and godparents who have either never taken a baptism class or for whom it has been more than five years since the last class was taken will need to register for and attend a baptism preparation class. Baptism classes are two-part classes that meet on Monday evenings 7:00-8:30 p.m. in a classroom inside of the parish hall. The schedule for classes will be provided at the baptism meeting.

Upon completion of the meeting, classes, and all paperwork, parents may schedule their child’s baptism at any one of our regularly scheduled weekend Masses except during the season of Lent.

To schedule a baptism meeting with Tracy Joy, email, or phone 360-823-2833.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do both parents have to be Catholic? No, but one parent must be an actively practicing Catholic.
  • How many godparents can my child have? One or two godparents may be selected. If two are chosen there must be one female and one male godparent.
  • What about non-Catholic godparents? A family may have one non-Catholic baptized person as a Christian Witness but they must also have a Catholic godparent of the opposite gender.
  • Do we have to be registered in the parish to have our child baptized? No, however, the family should be regularly worshipping in the parish community. If the family is registered in another parish they must have their pastor’s written approval for the baptism to take place at St. Joseph.
  • What if my child is older than seven years old? You and your child will need to work with Diane Boggs, Pastoral Assistant for RCIA and Marriage, to bring your child into full communion.  Contact Diane via email,, or phone 360-823-2828.  More information about RCIA can be found here.