Who Can Receive the Sacrament

A young person seeking the sacrament of Confirmation must be entering 7th Grade or older at the time of Confirmation and have a 6th grade understanding of the faith. Prior to entering the preparation process, they must complete a registration form, including their current baptism certificate. They must also submit information about their sponsor.

Each candidate and their family will meet with Youth Ministry staff for an initial conversation. This will determine the candidate’s readiness, their motivation for seeking the sacrament, and the level of participation in the faith life of the family.

Each candidate must have participated in faith formation through 6th grade either through Catholic school or parish faith formation. If this was not completed at St. Joseph, a letter indicating participation from the appropriate institution will be provided.

If they did NOT participate through 6th grade, two years of parish faith formation or Catholic school faith formation will need to be completed. The second year of faith formation would include active preparation for the sacrament.

Once enrolled in the preparation process, a candidate must attend all (10) classes as well as a two-night retreat. They must also be attending Sunday mass weekly.

Parent Requirements Letter