Teen Confirmation

Confirmation is truly one of the most exciting sacraments. Not only is this considered the final sacrament of initiation, but this is a “stirring up” of the Holy Spirit within you to affect the world around you.

Ask yourself: ARE YOU READY?

Our goal is to fully establish teens, supported by their Catholic faith, in a relationship with the Holy Spirit, so they can follow HIS directions to release what’s been deposited by grace. We don’t take this sacrament lightly, nor do we take preparation for it lightly.

You wouldn’t want to give someone a military grade tank if they haven’t been trained, and you wouldn’t want them to have it if it’s going to sit unused. Such is the sacrament of Confirmation. Receiving Confirmation doesn’t transform someone into a capable Catholic. If someone is grounded in truth, in constant prayer (relationship) with God, and are open and ready to take that relationship to the next level, God is then able to “pour in” and equip with “a Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind” (2 Tim 1:7). Doing “the works that Jesus does and even greater ones” only happens in the context of “whoever (fully) believes in Him” (Jn 14:12)


Please ensure that you’ve led your teen through the requirements before seeking out Confirmation:

Parent Requirements Letter

Please fill out and return a request for sacramental record form.


You have to want this. No one should choose Confirmation for you. I CAN TELL YOU that if you’re ready—really ready—and you’re willing to make some real sacrifices, your faith will take off with Confirmation, and you’ll see evidence in your life, similar to the lives of the Apostles and the Saints. I CAN TELL YOU about the exciting signs in my own life. I can give you tools. I can offer to grow with you. But if you’re not open to receiving, you won’t see Confirmation have any effect in your life. The world needs Catholics that are ALL IN to truly transform society around us. So, I challenge you to ask yourself, “Am I ready for my life to radically change?” If so, talk to your parents and discuss registering. I’ll be in touch with both you and your parents to get you started with the course, and I’d be honored to join in discovering the MORE Holy Spirit has for you!


The program runs in the Fall and the Spring, with 10 sessions with a 2-night retreat in the middle. The year’s calendar will be given to those who register. We meet with each teen and family to determine the path towards Confirmation, making sure they’re ready to start the preparation sessions.

To sign up for a Confirmation Meeting click HERE or contact the youth office for any questions.

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Downloadable Forms: