John Paul II Parish Library Information

St. Joseph Catholic Church

John Paul II Parish Library - Mission Statement

The Parish Library has been established to share in the educational and spiritual formation of the parish community. Library materials and services provide parishioners with opportunities to better understand their Catholic faith, and encourage further integration of that faith into their lives, while supporting a life-long love of learning.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

John Paul II Parish Library - Selection Policy

Selection of materials reflects the library’s role in supporting the broader religious educational objectives of the parish community. The library does not attempt to maintain a repository of all human knowledge, but rather an active collection, meeting current and foreseeable needs of parishioners.  Library materials are selected to provide parishioners with materials that will encourage reading for further study, spiritual growth, and for enjoyment.
Selection and purchase of all materials is the responsibility of the Parish Librarian, under the direction of the Pastor and Deacon in their role as Teacher. While suggestions are welcomed from parishioners, the final responsibility for the selection of library materials lies with the Pastor or the Parish Library Committee, which consists of the Pastor, Deacon, Parish Librarian and Director of Faith Formation. Collection development is an ongoing process of adding and discarding. Materials will be selected to meet the objective of providing a broad range of materials which reflect our Catholic faith and support the mission statement of St. Joseph’s Parish.
General Principles of Selection
The following basic, standard criteria are used when considering adding or discarding library
  • Parishioner interest as evidenced by the number of times an item is borrowed
  • Literary merit
  • Author’s reputation and knowledge of the subject
  • Timeliness or permanence of the subject
  • Importance of the subject matter to the collection
  • Appearance of the material in significant bibliographies or indexes
  • Existing subject matter in the collection
  • Condition and format, especially of donated materials. Cassette and video tapes can no longer be accepted.
    Due diligence will be exercised to ensure that all new materials are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Since the Parish Library Committee is unable to read or view every item in the present collection, there may be those that do not pass our current selection guidelines. Parishioners are encouraged to provide feedback if an item seems to fall outside of these guidelines. See the  “Challenges to Library Material” section below.
    Gifts and Unsolicited Materials
    Gifts and unsolicited materials will be accepted on the condition that any unsuitable items will be donated or discarded. The John Paul II Library does not provide formal monetary appraisal of any gift for income tax or other purposes. The library retains unconditional ownership of the gift once it has been received.
    Memorial Gifts
    Money can be donated for the purchase of an item from the John Paul II Library “wish list”. (See link under "Book Lists".) Bookplates will be placedin all memorial gifts.
    Challenges to Library Materials
    Materials will not be removed from the library until the following process is completed:
    1. Any challenges to library material must be reported to the Parish Librarian through a Statement of Concern About Parish Library Resources. (See link on the library's first page.)
    2. The librarian will contact the complainant to discuss the challenge and attempt to resolve the issue informally.
    3. If the challenge cannot be resolved by the librarian and the complainant, the librarianwill notify the Parish Library Committee. The committee will be given a copy of the material to review within a specific time frame. They will then meet to discuss the merits of the challenge and the item in question. The committee’s decision cannot be appealed.
    4. If the challenge is approved, the material will be removed from the library collection; if not, the item remains and may not be subject to further reconsideration requests.
    This document was approved and signed on August 15, 2013. (Signatures on file.)
    Fr. Gary Lazzeroni, Pastor
    Deacon Scott Aikin
    Tracy Joy, Director of Faith Formation
    Cecilia Schmitt, Parish Librarian