Winter Hospitality Overflow


What is the WHO?
The WHO (Winter Hospitality Overflow) is a program of the Council for the Homeless and is hosted by St. Andrew Lutheran Church and St. Paul Lutheran Church.  From November through March, local church communities provide volunteers for the overnight shelters.  Click this link for more background on the WHO program.

This season, St. Joseph Parish will staff the St. Andrew's shelter during March 10-17, 2019Click this link for a map to St. Andrew Lutheran Church.

We are looking forward to your help again this year.  Without all of you giving so generously of your time and treasure, this ministry would not be possible. 

What will I do on my shift?
Check out the shift responsibility information sheets (links below) for more details about what is expected of you.  You can also watch the WHO training video.

Evening shift (6-9:30pm)

Overnight shifts (9pm-12am), (11:30pm-3am) (2:30-5:30am)

Morning shift (5-8am)

How do I volunteer?
Our volunteer sign-up list is managed through the parish Volunteer Sign Up (VSP) program. You will need to have a log-in for this system. New volunteers start by first submitting some initial information here. Your information will not be shared with others. An email will then be sent to you to create your volunteer profile. All volunteers need a Background Check form filled out every three years.  

Map to St. Andrew Lutheran Church:




Thanks in advance for your continued support of this vital ministry!

Point of Contact: David Lester, Pastoral Assistant for Social Concerns, 360-823-2823