Ministry of Consolation

Ministry of Consolation

St. Colette, Patroness of Lost Loved Ones
In ministering to the bereaved, we seek to follow Christ's example of compassion by offering spiritual, practical and loving support to those who have experienced loss. Those who feel a call to share their gifts in consolation to those who grieve will find many opportunities at St. Joseph parish.

Our Funeral Support Ministry provides a presence at funerals for those who have perhaps outlived their families and friends. Those involved in this ministry simply attend funerals when they are able to do so.

A Grief Luncheon is offered after funerals for family and friends. Participants in this ministry make deli trays and prepare meals to serve the mourners as a gesture of support.

Bereavement Callers are trained to listen and to offer their support as an extension of the parish family when they visit the newly bereaved.

Support Groups and Education
The newly bereaved (those who have been grieving for 4-6 months) are encouraged to be part of a Grief Support Group. These small groups provide the opportunity to benefit from knowing and hearing from people who are experiencing similar losses, emotions, and changes in their lives. The groups led by a facilitator meet weekly for 7 weeks about 2-3 hours.

Are you interested in ministering to those who are grieving?
Those with a compassionate heart and good listening skills who would like to use their gifts to be Bereavement Callers or Small Group facilitators will be provided with the necessary training. The term of commitment is at least one year for Bereavement Callers. Facilitators commit to attending each of the 7 weekly meetings.

During the month of November, St. Joseph Parish displays in the church the names of all those parishioners who have died that year. Needed to prepare the name banners are those who know calligraphy, and those with the time to assemble and hang the banners.

Other Activities and Events
Each year poinsettia plants are delivered to newly bereaved, those who have experienced the death of a spouse. Drivers are needed to make these holiday deliveries a reality. Don't be surprised if you find that volunteering your time in this way makes your own Christmas more meaningful!

Another way to offer your gift of time and maybe share your artistic abilities is to help decorate and set up for the Widows' and Widowers' Mass and Dinner which is held the first Saturday in November. This special event brings together those who have suffered the loss of a spouse to celebrate the Eucharist together in memory of their deceased and loved ones and to provide fellowship for those who often experience isolation and loneliness.

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