Offertory Gift Bearer

You are invited to be an Offertory Gift Bearer.  Find the Head Usher and ask if you can serve as the Gift Bearers for that Mass.

A minimum of 3 gift bearers are needed to carry: Bread, Wine and Offertory Collection.

Families or groups of any size can serve. Don't be shy. It is a privilege and honor to represent the assembly as you present the gifts.

After the Prayers of the Faithful, go stand on the north side of the Baptismal font (side closest to the confessional). The Head Usher will be there to assist you.

The usher will line you up and hand you the gifts.

Walk down the center aisle and follow the cross bearer.

When you arrive at the altar, present the gifts one at a time to the Priest/Deacon. After you have given your gift, stay with the group until everyone has given their gift. Then, as a group, bow reverently when the priest or deacons bows, and return to your seats.

Thank you!

Brian J. Guillot, MA

Pastoral Associate/Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy




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