Due to the great demand, we've reached our participant capacity for this Quest!

Quest will also run at St Patrick's in Portland, Starting January 2017, more information here:

Thank you for your interest, please feel free to join us next year, and pray for us!


You keep seeing it, but being in the NW Portland/Vancouver area, there's not really an occasion to question, mention, or brainstorm with many other people about faith. Not necessarily because people don't want to or don't care, they just don't. In conversation, it doesn't seem that relevant.

With talks like “Is Christianity relevant, boring, untrue?” and “What evidence is there on who Jesus is?” Quest provides an environment with normal people, who are also taking a break from normal lives, to see each other’s journeys, struggles, and discuss if what many of us grew up being taught is even applicable. It is a safe place to bring questions, doubts, and fears, knowing that many others are going through similar challenges, or may not know how to start that discussion with people close to them.

The first meeting is on Thurs. Sept 22nd, 6:30-8:15, in Marian Hall with free dinner and childcare. Come and see if you like the first night; if so, continue with us for the 10-week course; if not, there’s no pressure to return.


Hear what 2015 attendees say:

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Quest Brochure (Printable)

Quest Postcard (Printable)

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